Journey through the mind

The life of us goes by what our heart and mind dictate, unfortunately or fortunately, it will never always be the same. It's all about making the mind believe that it's okay. Being idle with these thoughts can drive a person crazy. A small spark can lead to reaching the other end of the universe. … Continue reading Journey through the mind

Exploitation in the Workplace: A Tale of Unpaid Leaves and Compensation

It's a thought that has been bothering me for some time. I have worked and am currently working in private institutions where, unfortunately, when a fellow worker takes leave, another worker wants to do their work and replace that person. In this case, neither the worker who took leave nor the worker who replaced them … Continue reading Exploitation in the Workplace: A Tale of Unpaid Leaves and Compensation

Symphony of lamentations

It is the darkest of days, with ears filled with the sounds of ammunition and thunder in no man's land. The trenches are filled with lifeless souls, even some with beating hearts. Thousands upon thousands have lost their lives and their future, taking a leap in the opposite direction of living in harmony with nature.

The Women who Outsmart Sherlock – Irene Adler

Some characters remain in the mind forever. One of them is Irene Adler, "The Woman" from the Sherlock Holmes series broadcast by BBC. A character with strong characterization, fearlessness, dominatrix boldness, and rigidity, she was built to be equally as strong as Sherlock himself. As seen in previous episodes, Sherlock's character is often rigid and … Continue reading The Women who Outsmart Sherlock – Irene Adler

In memory of her

Mysteries are innumerable, still the wandering curvy apparel always mesmeries the one gazes her. Irrespective of her wavy silky skin, she shows the composure. Her vocals will be never ending seducing song and sometimes glorified by clicks. When she got drenched by greedy rain, she remains same. Understanding the universe and discovery seems effortless before … Continue reading In memory of her


Mesmerizing fire, right ?This happened a month back, lots of different minded people gathered to relax them from their tiresome daily routine organized by their higher authority. People started to play loud songs in speaker and started to dance around it. The darkness exists there erased their shyness and stimulated them. Fire which was lit … Continue reading Hope