Me and Earth

It was a high humidity day in a summer. With the face full of sweat, I was walking towards my destination using the best of my energy. Even I tasted my own sweat which started from my hairs. All drained. I can’t able to feel my legs and felt that my head spins. Using all my energy i took my next step. Then i stop, i hold my hips in my hand and looked up.


The Way We Look

“Why I want to think like you?” Most of us come across this question in our journey. Good and bad differ from person to person. Not all the journey will go in a same path, it differs from perspective. Its not wrong. All will not get the point we try to convey and emotion which we feel. Anyhow you have your own perspective and the way you look at the life is individualistic. We all do. We should understand others feelings and emotion, should not change our perception or living to someone or to the society. If we do, there we lose our individuality. Proud to be you.

Oh it’s fluffy dragon, fly, fly…..

Everyone in the world shows love towards childhood memories. Care for none days and fullest of our effort with a notion to attain happiness can’t be gained again. Everytime I see a child, I will smile and remind me of several of my memories. And forgot to say this…. Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro (1988) made me realize childish thing and happiness matters.

Evermore! Evermore!

The mind refuses to understand certain things because it has a strong basis of identity over oneself. Putting together many of such minds of the society, it has been formed a layer of confirmed identities, which doesn’t have any strength by itself,making them soothe themselves as they enjoy accreditation from their people who form an useless social institution. Whichever mind joins there, will not have sky above them to see. Ravens, having better eyesight than humans, always avoids to fly through those layers even though there has been an increase of such throughout the history. They still step on land for their survival necessity but they also must have known that the true nature of their existence will not be understood by human mind by itself where it needs melting away from any strong identity.

Nonetheless, ravens will ever make their noise and humans will ever be given chance to alert themselves.